Gaia Love (Song For The Earth)

by 13 HANDS



It's a simple message... LOVE....
love for everything and everyone on this planet. Sure it may sound
cliche, or overly "new agey", but the message is and will always be a universal one. It feels more important today more that ever. The song simply asks us all to connect more deeply within ourselves, cultivate more love, to and contribute to a "New EARTHLOVE Order" of sorts. One that is rooted in respect for the planet, its eco-systems, all living inhabitants and species and truly connecting to the very important role we ALL play in that consciousness of honoring Mother Earth, Pancha Mama, Gaia......24/7.... every day, every week, all year long.

So whether you are or are part of an Earth organization, environmental mission, farmer, gardener, outdoor enthusiast, an eco/food freedom warrior, scientist, water keeper/protector, forest ranger, animal lover, camper, trail hiker, mountain climber, mountain biker, horse back rider, surfer, skier, stargazer, ocean/river swimmer, paddle boarder, beach goer, national park visitor, snow boarder, forager, nature teacher, EARTH LOVE Preacher, animal rescuer, tree planter, tree hugger, activist, environmentalist, planet lover enthusiast, indigenous species saver, tornado braver, extreme weather adventurer, soil researcher, shaman, zip-liner, carpenter, compost-er, sea fisher, stream wader, archeologist, botanist, entomologist, sweat lodge enthusiast... and any and all who advocate, steward, stand up for and put the needs of our environment and planet first for all generations now and to come.

We are ALL part of the solution, our collective consciousness, our love and the need to demonstrate it in our daily lives in whatever ways we are called to to stay connected, to see the cause and effect relationships between how we live and the environmental impacts short and long term.

"The health of our planet is a mirror reflection of our how we treat and feel about our "inner"self" - 13HANDS

"Do you feel my love?"

"Do you feel this love?"

"Can you feel my love?"

I want to feel YOUR love...
make this song YOUR statement, YOUR sharing
YOUR sentiment this Earth Day month.
Share so friends feel YOUR love for OUR home too.

Personalize the sharing when you repost, let others know
how deeply you love this planet and all living beings.
That's the message, that's the hope....

Express your love for our planet the whole month of April long, (Earth day included), share this song, video and message with all whom you love and hold dear. Amazing, passionate filmmakers, video enthusiasts all have shared their beautiful and inspiring images to connect the sound, lyric, message and visuals together in this inspiring offering!

If you donate to get the song, then there will be added information, tip sheets and other information regarding some organizations, missions to get more involved and connect with.... Earth groups who you might want to align with, support or get to know more!


released April 13, 2017
written, record, produced, mixed by 13 HANDS
Garageband, one $25 dollar microphone, iMac...
played live.
Mastered by Steve Fallone, Sterling Sound, NYC



all rights reserved


13 HANDS Montclair, New Jersey

13 HANDS, aka DALIEN, is a Grammy nominee, Professor of Yoga and sound therapist who's been in yoga, health education and contemporary/ world music for 20 years. He's presented alongsid The Dali Lama, Dr. Emoto, Gary Null, Seane Corn, Dharma Mitra, Elena Brower, RUN DMC, Ani DiFranco, Marjorie Fair, Ours, Paula Cole, Laurie Anderson, the late Pheobe Snow, Krishna Das, WAH!, Shyamdas and more! ... more

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